4 Aplikasi Yang Berguna Untuk Windows 7

With an increasing number of people already shifting to Windows 7, numerous bug fixes, tips, tools, and utilities are being found/made. Today, we are going to go over some utilities which work with Windows 7 as well as Windows Vista. Readers who use either system will surely benefit from all of these. Also take a look at some Useful Windows 7 Applications which we posted in the past.

1- Fix Internet Explorer

4 More Useful Applications For Windows 7

This utility is fixes the crashes of Internet Explorer and ensures smooth browsing operations. The utility comes compressed in a small ZIP archive of which the contents you can simply extract and use. Make sure to close all open Internet Explorer windows before running the utility.

Fix IE Utility can be downloaded from here and has been tested on Internet Explorer versions 7 and 8.

2- Prevent Deletion Of Important Files

4 More Useful Applications For Windows 7

Novice users have more than once deleted important system files. The deletion of these files corrupts the operating system and the only viable solution to solve the corruption is the reinstallation of the operating system. Of course the best cure is prevention, hence this utility. Prevent (version 1.0) is a freeware application which runs on all Windows.

This freeware prevents cutting, pasting, copying, deleting, copy to, move to, send to, and renaming functions. Installing Prevent on your system means that your files will never be tampered with, especially not your system files.

Prevent can be enable/disabled by assigning it hotkeys which smoothens functionality.

3- Ultimate Windows Tweaker

Ultimate Windows Tweaker is an unbelievably small (~345 KB) utility which does not require any installation whatsoever. Despite its minuscule size, it has over 150 tweaks i.e. ways to enhance the performance of your Windows.

4 More Useful Applications For Windows 7

The Windows Tweaker can be downloaded directly from here. Any Windows user will surely find this utility to be extremely beneficial; the improved system performance will be clearly noticeable.

4- Windows Access Panel

Windows Access Panel is your one stop to access all important aspects of your Windows. Here is how the panel looks like:

4 More Useful Applications For Windows 7

To access the objects/utilities listed in the panel, one would need to access the Control Panel first and then be able to adjust/modify the settings. However, with the help of the Access Panel, all you do is click on the relevant icon to be taken directly to the settings you want to change.

The icons listed in the screenshot of Access Panel pasted above show only few of the 48 programs of which the shortcuts are available on the panel. Displaying them makes access all the more easier for the user.

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